He aha te kai o te Rangatira?

He korero, he korero, he korero.

What is the food of the leader?

It is knowledge, it is communication.
Cook'n Kiwi

The Cook'n'Kiwi programme is here to provide support and advice.

The Diabetes Projects Trust Cook'n'Kiwi programme helps those who work with communities and individuals who are at risk of lifestyle related health problems to provide the latest and most practical advice and support to clients. There are lots of useful tips about making healthy food and food preparation choices and how to cut costs in the most surprising ways as well as useful resources.  

This one day session (can be split over several days) for your organisation, comes with a complete toolkit of resources including fat and sugar display and followup support. 

The service is offered across Auckland, and is delivered in your own venue (needs to be a reasonable space for the number of people involved, somewhere to safely set up our electric frying pans, washing facilities and clean surfaces to prepare the food are required), and it is at no cost to your organisation. 

For more information please download our one-page information sheet and contact the Cook'n'Kiwi Co-ordinator at cooknkiwi@dpt.org.nz.