He aha te kai o te Rangatira?

He korero, he korero, he korero.

What is the food of the leader?

It is knowledge, it is communication.
DCSS Quality Audit

To help improve the care given to patients with, or at risk of, diabetes.

The Diabetes Care Support Service (DCSS) audit has been running since 1991 and assists primary care providers to improve the care delivered to patients with diabetes, or at risk of diabetes. The DCSS audit is managed according to privacy requirements and is entirely confidential. It also gathers non-identifiable statistics for selected quality improvement planning and research purposes. 

The no-cost, personalised process involves trained Auditors identifying all patients within a Practice with a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes and completing an audit tool for each patient. Our GP Advisor and the Auditor personally deliver feedback back to the Practice using a selection of confidential reports with guideline based recommendations. Oversight of the DCSS Audit is provided by the DCSS Executive group made up of specialist, research, auditing, nursing and GP input. 

For further information please download our one page information sheet, and make contact with the Audit Co-ordinator at audit@dpt.org.nz.